Stanton Optical

Stanton Optical
Norton Contractors are true professionals in many aspects. Not only were you knowledgeable in your expertise of construction, I am also commending you for the following:

• Fulfilled the original contract requirements even though we dealt with issues that didn't pertain to your contract
• Met your schedule even though the project was compressed to meet new deadlines
• Maintained a safe and clean worksite at all times as well as spot inspections performed by me
• Provided competent supervision to the workforce at all times

The bottom line is that your company had the ability to plan ahead with impeccable success. In addition, a very special "Thank You" goes out to your superintendent Ryan Kaul who went above and beyond to get the job done! We could not be happier with the way the project turned out. As I mentioned above, your team was able to deliver our project on time and on budget which is extremely appreciated. Stanton Optical is extremely pleased with the quality of work performed that was performed on this project & definitely look forward to many successful projects in the near future with JM Williams Norton Contractors.
Rick Fiol
Senior Project Manager
Stanton Optical