Angela Krause Lincoln

Angela Krause Lincoln
Angela Krause Lincoln is one of Lincoln’s very first mid-century modern “vitrine” designs completed in the country. This exclusive dealership features a beautiful jewel-box showroom presentation and soothing floor to ceiling waterfall which creates a strong visual identity for the brand. The boutique interior provides a luxurious sales environment that customers of the well-appointed brand expect.
We recently (2017-2018) had a new Lincoln Vitrine facility built by JMWilliams/Norton Contractors. They also built a Hyundai dealership for us in 2014-2015. My primary dealings were with Beverly Norton. I find Beverly to be a very capable person of high integrity. Both projects were completed within budget, and they are both beautiful facilities. I would recommend them for any of your current dealership construction needs.
Vernon L. Krause
Krause Auto Group